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Daisy Cousens Bio, Age, Youtuber, Actress, Height, Parents, Kids, Sky News, Salary

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Media personality Daisy Cousens works as an Australian actress, journalist, commentator, and social media influencer. Daisy is a well-known opinion pundit who
Daisy Cousens Image

Daisy Cousens Image

Daisy Cousens Biography

Media personality Daisy Cousens works as an Australian actress, journalist, commentator, and social media influencer. Daisy is a well-known opinion pundit who frequently makes guest appearances on Sky News and has had work published in prestigious Australian magazines like Penthouse Magazine, The Courier-Mail, and The Spectator Australia.

Daisy Cousens Age

Age 36 is Daisy’s. She was born in South Wales, Australia, on May 13, 1987.

Daisy Height

Cousens is a female with a typical height. Daisy is therefore projected to be 1.65 m (or 165 cm) tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

Daisy Cousens Parents

On May 13, 1987, Daisy Victoria Light Cousens was born in New South Wales, Australia. She is the daughter of actress Suzanne Roylance and actor Peter Cousens. Rose Cousens was the name of her sister. One of the kids in “The Wiggles'” early music videos Wake Up Jeff and Big Red Car is Daisy.

Daisy Cousens Education

Daisy, Peter’s daughter, attended Macquarie University and received a Bachelor of Arts in English after graduating from a private Sydney high school. She eventually graduated from the Australian Institute of Music in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Creative Writing, Journalism/Screenplay.

Daisy Cousens Husband-Boyfriend

Longtime boyfriend Calum of the actress is rumored to be seeing her. They’ve both been spotted having fun in various places. Her boyfriend is highly active on Instagram as well, and he just shared a few pictures of themselves together along with the statement, “My girlfriend is very talented, and I am very proud.” They haven’t said anything about their marital status, so we don’t know if they’re engaged or married. RELATED; Mark Tamayo Bio, Wiki, FOX 2, Age, Education, Height, Family, Wife, Children, and Career

Daisy Kids

No information is available regarding whether she is a parent.

Daisy Cousens Sky News

The sole daughter of Peter Cousens, the brunette beauty has created her own name in the entertainment sector. She started out in 2015 as a writer and commentator, and after working there for a while, she transitioned to become a content producer for the SheSaid company. Her LinkedIn page states that before joining ‘The Roar Sports Media Pvt Ltd,’ where she worked as a freelance writer, she wrote articles about a variety of subjects and news.

Daisy eventually worked for Quadrant Magazine Ltd. as an editorial assistant and contributor. But since 2016, she has contributed to “The Spectator.” As we all know, Ms. Cousens is an actress who has starred in films including The Drum (2010), Freedom (2014), and Hack Live (2015). Additionally, she runs her own YouTube channel and frequently offers commentary on Sky News.

Daisy Cousens Salary

As of 2023, Cousen’s annual pay ranges from $40,000 to $95,500 on average.

Daisy Cousens Net Worth

Daisy’s work as a journalist and contributor to several magazines accounts for the majority of her net worth. She also made a fair living from her earlier pictures. Daisy Cousens’ estimated net worth is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Despite the fact that nobody is certain of her exact net worth.