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Lonnie Johnson (Inventor) Super Soaker, Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Quotes

Lonnie Johnson Biography

Lonnie Johnson was born Lonnie George Johnson on 6th October 1949. Johnson is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and aerospace engineer, whose work includes a United States Air Force term of service and a 12-year stint at NASA, where he served at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In addition, in 1998, Lonnie invented the Super Soaker water gun, which has been among the world’s bestselling toys ever since. Moreover, Johnson also invented the Nerf Gun when he patented “a pneumatic launcher for a toy projectile” which revolutionized toy blasters.

Lonnie Johnson Age: Birthday

Lonnie is 72 years old as of Feb 2022. Johnson was born Lonnie George Johnson on 6th October 1949 in Mobile, Alabama. Lonnie’s Zodiac Sign is Libra and he celebrates his birthday on the 6th of October every year.

Lonnie Height: Measurement

Јоhnѕоn stands at average estimated hеіght of 5 fееt, 9 іnсhеѕ tаll, аnd maintain a bodyweight of 83 kg.

Lonnie Johnson Family: Parents And Siblings

Johnson was born Lonnie George Johnson in Mobile, Alabama to his parents. Lonnie’s mother, who finished high school, served as a nurse’s aide while his father, who didn’t finish high school, was a World War II veteran where he served as a civilian driver nearby Air Forces bases. Out of interest and economic necessity, Lonnie’s father was a skilled handyman who taught his 4  children to build their own toys. When Lonnie was still a small boy, he and his dad built a pressurized chinaberry shooter out of bamboo shoots. At the age of 13, Lonnie attached a lawnmower engine to a go-kart he built from junkyard scraps and raced it along the highway until the police pulled him over.

Early Life

Johnson had an ambition of becoming a prominent inventor and, during his teenage years, started to grow more curious about the way things worked and more ambitious in his experimentation; sometimes to the detriment of his family. “Johnson tore up his sister’s baby doll to see what made the eyes close,” his mother later recalled. Another time, Johnson nearly burned the house down when he attempted to cook up rocket fuel in one of his mother’s saucepans and the concoction exploded. As a teenager, Lonnie drew much of his inspiration from George Washington Carver.

Lonnie Johnson Wife: Spouse: Linda Moore

Lonnie is married and committed to his wonderful wife Linda Moore, they have 4 children and live in the Ansley Park district of Atlanta, Georgia. READ MORE: Harmony Mendoza

Lonnie Education

Johnson attended Williamson High School an all-black school in Mobile. In 1969, soon after graduating from high school, Lonnie attended Tuskegee University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering in 1973 and a master’s degree in nuclear engineering in 1975. Johnson holds an honorary Ph. D. in Science from Tuskegee University.

Lonnie Johnson Super Soaker

Lonnie 1st conceived the Super Soaker while doing work with the United States Air Force. Initially called the “Power Drencher” when it first appeared in toy shops in 1990, Super Soaker eventually got its trademark name after some tweaks and remarketing. Selling between $10 to $60 depending on the model, it took off, generating $200 million in sales in 1991. Soon after making the deal for the Super Soaker with the Larami Corporation, Laramie became a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. in 1995 February.

Lonnie Johnson Inventions

  • Super Soaker invented in 1969
  • Nerf Gun
  • The Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Converter

Lonnie Johnson Net Worth

Johnson is an American inventor and engineer who has a net worth of $360 million.

Lonnie Johnson Quotes

  1. “Nobody’s going to step in and dump a lot of money and make it easy. Unless you have a lot of money, you have to pay your dues and make a personal sacrifice.”
  2. “The Invention that most people know me for is The Super Soaker water gun. I know the hun worked well and I knew it would be successful. I did not realize how successful it would be”.
  3. “Sitting still a person produces about 100 watts of heat. What if you could use that to charge your cell phone?”
  4. “I don’t think there is any project that I began that I ever stopped working on”
  5. “Persevere. That’s what I always say to people. There is no easy route.”
  6. “I love playing around with ideas and turning them into something useful or fun.”
  7. ” I think America’s strength is in innovation”.

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Lonnie  Facts

What Did Lonnie Johnson Invent?

Johnson is best known for inventing the Super Soaker water gun

Is Lonnie Johnson Still Married?

Yes, Lonnie is married and committed to his wonderful wife Linda Moore.

Where Was Lonnie Johnson Born?

The American inventor, Lonnie was born in Mobile, Alabama.

How Old Is Lonnie Johnson?

Lonnie is 72 years old as of 8th February 2022.

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