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Janet Langhart Age, Parents, Bio, Education, Career, Net Worth, Cohen and Pentagon life

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American television journalist and anchor Janet Langhart. Janet Leola Floyd was her name at birth. Janet Leola Langhart Cohen is another name for her

Janet Langhart Biography

American television journalist and anchor Janet Langhart. Janet Leola Floyd was her name at birth. Leola Langhart Cohen is another name for her. Janet also writes books. Langhart Communication’s president and chief executive officer is Janet. She is William Cohen’s spouse, the former defense secretary. Langhart has co-authored one of her two memoirs with her spouse. Langhart started her career as a model in Chicago.

Janet Langhart Age

On December 22, 1940, Langhart was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Age-wise, she is 78. Capricorn is her astrological sign. Read About: Vanessa Echols Age, WFTV, Bio, Education, Height, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Children

Janet Langhart Family

The mother of Janet is Mary Floyd, while the father is Sewell Bridges. During World War II, Bridges served. After the conflict, he later left his family behind. Langhart shared a home in an Indianapolis housing project with her mother. Her mother was a ward secretary and a maid for the hospital. In addition to being African-American, her parents were also of European and Native American descent. Her mom wed a Baptist minister. Later, they got divorced. There are two siblings of Janet. Their mother raised each one of them.

Janet Langhart Education

Langhart graduated from Indianapolis’ Crispus Attucks High School with a high school diploma. She belonged to the debate team and band. Later, Janet went to Butler University. The scholarship funding ran out after her first year, thus she was unable to continue. Before starting her full-time job, Janet completed a few Indiana University extension courses.

Janet Langhart Career

Langhart started her career as a model in Chicago. She was employed by both the Ebony Fashion Fair and Marshall Fields. In 1967, she has crowned Miss Chicagoland. In 1970, Langhart, at 29 years old, was hired by WBBM-TV as the station’s first black weatherwoman. She also started anchoring a morning interview show for women on Indianapolis’ WISH-TV. Its name was Indy Today.

She had to travel back and forth between Indianapolis and Chicago because she was doing both shows. Langhart rose to prominence as a respected black television journalist at several stations. She initially began working for Boston’s WCVB-TV in September 1973. Good Day! in the morning was co-hosted by Janet. Between 1973 and 1987, she made multiple trips out and back.

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Janet Langhart Good Day

75 television stations in the United States were airing Good Day. She gained notoriety for her discussions with prominent figures in the media. Langhart conducted interviews with a number of well-known figures, including the contralto Marian Anderson, jazz great Louis Armstrong, and well-known singer Tony Bennett. She also spoke with David Duke and Rosa Parks.

The comedians Muhammad Ali, F. Lee Bailey, and Dick Gregory all became close friends of Langhart’s. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Boston civil rights activist Melnea Cass are among Janet’s mentors, she added. She initially began working for Boston’s WCVB-TV in September 1973. She co-hosted the morning show Good Day!, which was previously known as Good Morning!

Marian Anderson, jazz great Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Rosa Parks, David Duke, and other well-known figures were among those she chatted with. She grew close with the comedians F. Lee Bailey, Muhammad Ali, and Dick Gregory. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Boston civil rights activist Melnea Cass are two of Janet’s mentors, she claimed.

Janet Langhart NBC

She moved to New York in the middle of 1978 after being hired by NBC to present a daily chat and interview program called People to People. Langhart was quickly named a roving correspondent and co-host of the new program, which was later titled America Alive. At WOR-TV in New York City, Langhart worked on the television program 9 Broadcast Plaza.

Janet produced some special programming for WNEV-TV when she returned to Boston television (channel 7). She later temporarily returned to WCVB-TV (Channel 5), appearing on Good Day a few times. By the beginning of 1990, Langhart had started producing pieces for Entertainment Tonight. She was appointed as the program’s New York correspondent.

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Later, Entertainment Tonight dismissed Langhart. She reasoned that it was because she had questioned Arnold Schwarzenegger over the Nazi affiliation of his father, Gustav Schwarzenegger. allegedly breaking a contract he had with the producers. She later worked as an analyst for Black Entertainment Television (BET). For the Boston Herald and Boston Globe, she has also served as a correspondent. Janet has served as a spokesperson for both Avon Cosmetics and U.S. News & World Report. She claims to identify as a liberal Democrat in terms of politics.

Marriages | Husband

Melvin Anthony Langhart and Janet were previously married in 1968. The union lasted only three months. Dr. Robert Kistner was her second husband. He was a professor at Harvard Medical School with a focus on endometriosis care. Although the two were wed in 1978, Langhart requested a divorce ten years later. Later, in 1996, she wed Senator William Cohen.

Marriage to Cohen and Pentagon life

When Langhart was situated in Boston, she conducted a long-distance interview with William Cohen. He was a Maine congressman at the time. It wasn’t until Langhart started working for BET in Washington, D.C., that they actually met. After each divorce, they began dating. On February 14th, 1996, the pair exchanged vows at the Capitol of the United States. Cohen, a centrist Republican, served as Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton.

Langhart earned the title of “First Lady of the Pentagon” after William Cohen was appointed Defense Secretary. While Cohen was in government, she played a prominent public role. She inspired a number of programs to boost the morale and well-being of military and civilian Defense Department employees.

As the “First Lady of the USO,” Langhart received a volunteer post and assisted in finding famous people and regular people to join the United Service Organizations. She established the Citizen Patriot Organization (CPO), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor people who defend, serve, and serve our country. The organization gives out CPO Awards on occasion.

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John McCain and Jack Valenti have received the honor. The group has also planned events, such as a tour focused on homeland defense. First responders at the sites of the September 11 attacks and other domestic places were given gratitude celebrations as a result. Additionally, it allowed a Citizen Patriot tour to see military installations abroad.

Janet Langhart’s Net Worth

Her one-act play Anne and Emmett had its world premiere at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in June 2009. A 600,000 USD estimate of Langhart’s net worth is given.

Cohen Anne And Emmett

Janet Langhart Cohen, an American, wrote the play, Anne and Emmett. It analyzes a hypothetical discussion between the African American Emmett Till and the German Jew Anne Frank. Morgan Freeman provides the show’s audio narration, and Joshua Coyne composed the soundtrack.

Janet Langhart Books

  • Anne and Emmett
  • From Rage to Reason: My Life in Two Americas – 2004