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Victoria Coren Mitchell Biography

Victoria Coren is most well-known for one of three things: her work in television, her skill at poker, or her relationship with comedian David Mitchell. For whatever reason you are familiar with her, she is a formidable woman with a remarkable career that has already spanned some of the most difficult industries. Right now, we’re going to learn everything there is to know about her.

Early Years

Victoria Elizabeth Coren, the sole daughter of the family, was born on August 18, 1972. Alan Coren, a journalist, and Anne Kasriel, a housewife, were her proud parents. Victoria and her brother Giles Coren both grew up in North London. It’s interesting to note that Victoria’s father was a respected journalist, and when he was a child, so was her brother, Giles Coren, so it comes as no surprise that Victoria has a literary profession.

She required a top-notch education to get to the position she held now. She began her schooling at St. Paul’s Girls’ School before transferring to a few different Girls’ schools to finish her senior education. Victoria’s early teachers recognized that she had a gift for language and really supported her. She won a contest to write a column for The Daily Telegraph shortly after having her first short story published at the age of just 14 in the journal Just Seventeen. Nobody was surprised when Victoria decided to study English at Oxford’s St John’s College.

Victoria Coren Mitchell Husband

Victoria was not going to settle for just any man, so it only seems logical that she wed David Mitchell, a well-known actor, and comedian. When they initially ran into each other in 2007 at a movie premiere, David made multiple failed attempts to woo her. The two wouldn’t reconnect and formally begin dating until 2010. The couple was married in 2012, and three years later, they had their first kid.

Victoria Coren Mitchell Career

Victoria began writing at a young age and continued to succeed. When she decided to transform a newspaper column into a play, it resulted in one of her most illustrious early works. She named the play “A Lump In My Throat” and the column was written by the legendary John Diamond. She was invited to rework it for television when it was played at the Edinburgh Festival and became such a hit. Victoria’s partnership with the BBC officially started with the 2001 broadcast, which was made for the BBC.

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Since then, she has worked extensively on television. Starting with Balderdash and Piffle, a program that posed queries to the British public from people who submitted terms into the Oxford English Dictionary. Her subsequent significant success was hosting the lateral thinking quiz show Only Connect, which she has done since 2008. She also spent seven years as a guest host on the offbeat quiz show QI, which included a comedian-heavy panel. In addition to this, she has a long history with Radio One and has appeared often as a panelist, contestant, and guest on many other television programs.

Victoria has a job as a television presenter and has also made a living off of her poker skills. Victoria plays online poker, commonly known in Thailand, occasionally to keep her skills strong in addition to competing in live tournaments all over the world. Poker is a terrific activity for people who wish to be able to enjoy their interests when they travel because it is such an easily accessible game all around the world. For instance, Asianet produces thorough lists of every casino that accepts players on the Asian continent. They include information on the many games that are offered as well as any rules that players in each country should be aware of.

If you’re interested in learning more about Victoria’s poker-related exploits, check out her 2009 book, “Confessions of a Player,” which contains a wealth of entertaining tales from her time spent at the table.

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