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Sophia Miacova Model Wiki: Net Worth, Bio, Vine, Relationships,

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Born in Houston, Texas, USA on January 2, 1994, Sophia Miacova, commonly known online as Sophia Esperanza, is a native of the United States and a Capricorn by sign
Sophia Miacova Image

Sophia Miacova Image

Who is Sophia Miacova? Wiki Bio

Born in Houston, Texas, USA on January 2, 1994, Sophia Miacova, commonly known online as Sophia Esperanza, is a native of the United States and a Capricorn by sign. Although she is a model on Instagram, her Vine account, which was closed down, helped her gain notoriety.

Sophia Miacova net worth & Height

Sophia is 30 years old. Her vital statistics are 33-24-35. She has long black hair and brown eyes, is 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) tall, weighs about 119 pounds (54 kgs), and as of early 2024, sources estimate her net worth to be above $1.5 million.

Sophia Miacova Early life & education

Sophia’s parents, a businessman, and a grocery store employee nurtured her in her hometown. Sophia is of French and Mexican descent. She is a Christian. After graduating from Houston High School, she became involved on various social media sites, choosing to focus on her online persona instead of going to college.

Sophia Miacova Love life and boyfriend

Over the years, Sophia has been associated with other men. The first lover that the public was aware of was Rory Westfield, who was also a Viner. The two initially began working together before beginning a romantic relationship. Rory is only two months older than Sophia, having been born in Houston, Texas on November 1, 1993. After two years of being together and being well-known for their vines, Sophia began dating Elie Wehbe (there are rumors that she was cheating on Rory with Elie).

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Elie is a well-known fashion designer who currently resides in Los Angeles. He also runs a restaurant and the Pink Dolphin apparel firm. They dated for a whole year before calling it quits.

Cole Hutzler is a model, YouTuber, and Instagram celebrity. It is said that Sophie is presently seeing him. The two frequently post photos of themselves together on Instagram. Although they were initially sighted together in 2018, neither of them has acknowledged that they are dating, thus as of right now, Sophia is still officially single.

G-Eazy and Edd Grande are Sophia’s two closest pals.

Sophia Miacova Career as an Instagram model and social media personality

After opening her Vine account, Sophia became well-known. Vine was a short-form video hosting site that allowed users to share their six-second looping videos with other users. The website was founded in June 2012, acquired by Twitter in October 2012, and debuted on February 24, 2013. By December 2015, it had about 200 million users. However, on January 20, 2017, Twitter chose to shut it down, and TikTok took its place.

Sophia is an Instagram model who has amassed over 3.2 million followers, which accounts for the majority of her total net worth. She primarily shares photos of herself so that her followers may get a peek of her daily activities. She gives her followers advice on everything from wardrobe to makeup to exercise to nutrition to general living. Sophia recently shared a photo to her Instagram account with the message, “Secondhand, vintage, reworked clothing saves our planet from monumental tons of waste, guys.” She utilizes her celebrity to spread awareness about environmental issues such as global warming and pollution. Decreased usage.

In 2015, Sophia started her YouTube channel and posted her debut video, “Sophia Miacova Daily Workouts,” which has received over 500,000 views. Sophia is very active on the platform. Her videos generally consist of her demonstrating different workout methods, offering vegan recipes in segments like “Vegan Meals with Sophia Miacova” and “Vegan Potato Soup,” and doing “Questions and Answers” type videos.

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Sophia has increased her breast size to raise her online profile and draw in more admirers and followers.

However, after experiencing some problems with her implants, she decided to have them removed. To share her story with her admirers, she posted a video titled “Why I’m Removing My Breast Implants” on her YouTube page.

Sophia is also active on Twitter, where she has over 10,000 followers. She revealed her love for the TV show by tweeting once, “I’m having a Game of Thrones marathon and I’m loving it.” Sophia gained notoriety on television when she made an appearance in the 2016 comedy series “Nuclear Family.”

Sophia Miacova Hobbies and Other Interests

Although Sophia loves tattoos, she only has one on her body. In one of her videos, she stated that she doesn’t want to get so dependent on them that she covers her whole body in them. She has a keen interest in fashion and keeps up with all the latest trends. She is a compulsive shopper and goes shopping nearly every day. Sophia used to like playing sports in high school, like lacrosse and soccer. She doesn’t play any sports now, but she does go to the gym several times a week for training, which is crucial for her online persona.