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Scott Sabol Age, FOX8, Bio, Wife, Son, Parents, Salary, Net Worth

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American meteorologist Scott Sabol was raised in Hudson, where he was born and raised. He is currently a morning meteorologist with WJW FOX 8. He began his employment in 2003
Scott Sabol Image

Scott Sabol Image

Scott Sabol Biography

American meteorologist Scott Sabol was raised in Hudson, where he was born and raised. He is currently a morning meteorologist with WJW FOX 8. He began his employment in 2003. He formerly worked as a weekday and weekend morning meteorologist at WSAZ-TV during the years 1998 to 2003 before joining WJW FOX 8. He has also held positions as Chief Meteorologist at WBOY-TV and Evening Meteorologist at WSAZ TV.

Scott Sabol Age

In 2023, Scott will be 49 years old. She was born in Hudson, New York, on March 7, 1974. He is a Pisces by birth sign, and each year on March 7, he celebrates his birthday.

Scott Sabol Height

Sabol maintains an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (9.72m, or about) and a weight of roughly 72 kg. But as of right now, he hasn’t provided any details on his other body measurements, which include his waist, and hips.

Scott Sabol Education

Sabol is a man with extensive education and experience. He graduated from Hudson High School and went on to Parks College at Saint Louis University to receive his bachelor’s degree in aeronautics and meteorology.

Scott Sabol Parents

In Hudson, New York, Sabol was born and reared by his parents. We tried to learn more about his family but were unsuccessful because no such information is available to the general public. Therefore, it is still unknown who Sabol’s parents are. Furthermore, it is unknown if he has any siblings. Once this data is available, we will update this area. Read About; Dana Milbank’s Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Washington Post, Books, Children, and Net Worth

Scott Sabol Brother

John Sabol, Scott’s brother, was most recently a sports and news anchor in Tampa. He was born and grew up in Northeast Ohio.

Scott Sabol Wife

Tina Sabol, his beautiful and devoted wife, and Scott are happily married. The couple’s year of marriage has not been disclosed, but they are parents to two lovely children, Elaina Sabol and Nathan Sabol.

However, based on her Instagram post, the pair wed privately on July 15, 2002, in front of their loved ones. The groom wore a three-piece black suit, while the bride wore a long, white gown.

In a note to his wife Tina on June 15, 2015, Sabol wrote, “Today is their 13th anniversary look how young and energetic they look!”

Scott Sabol Son-Daughter

The joyful parents of two gorgeous children, Elaina Sabol and Nathan Sabol, are Sabol and his wife Tina. We are keeping an eye on things and will let you know as soon as we learn more about their kids.

Scott Sabol Salary

Sabol’s annual compensation ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 on average. However, depending on the employee’s degree of seniority, these numbers may fluctuate significantly. We do not currently know the actual wage, but we will update this section as soon as we learn.

Scott Sabol’s Net worth

As of 2023, Sabol’s projected net worth is around $14 million USD. This includes his possessions, funds, and earnings. His work as a meteorologist is his main source of income. Scott has been able to amass a good fortune through his different sources of income, yet he likes to enjoy a simple life. READ ALSO; Michael Baden Age, Bio Wiki, Autopsy, FOX News, Married, Famous Cases, Salary, Net Worth

Scott Sabol Fox Channel 8: WJW-TV

Scott is currently a morning meteorologist with WJW FOX8. In 2003, he began working for WJW FOX 8. He creates hyper-local weather forecasts for 25 counties outside of Northern Ohio for WJW FOX. He takes into account weather patterns, data study using teleconnections, and the climate. Additionally, he uses Fusion HD and Photoshop to produce unique weather visuals for Weather Central. He also provides weather consulting services when extreme weather occurs.

Scott Sabol, a meteorologist, is now in possession of the AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist Seal #726 as well as the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal #770. Only a select handful of broadcast meteorologists possess both seals, including him.

He is also a certified National Weather Service Skywarn Severe Weather Spotter. An Associated Press Award for “Outstanding Weather Special” was given to Scott in 1999.

Scott Sabol Weather Blog

He is VERY active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where he frequently posts weather reports as well as other information on science and the environment. Since 2005, Scott has been writing about weather on his blog SCOTT’S WORLD OF WEATHER, where he discusses long-range forecasting and the science behind it. In an effort to better convey the weather tale, he has recently focused on the psychology of how people interpret the weather forecast.