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Romeo Lacoste Tattoos, Bio, Age, Bad Tattoos, Micro Tattoos, Ink Master

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Actor, editor, YouTuber, and tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste is of Canadian and American descent. He is most recognized for his distinctive,
Romeo Lacoste Image

Romeo Lacoste Image

Romeo Lacoste Biography

Actor, editor, YouTuber, and tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste is of Canadian and American descent. He is most recognized for his distinctive, neo-traditional, and illustrative tattoo designs. He is well known for tattooing unique, hand-drawn, and cartoon character designs. His artwork is frequently intricate and usually reflects the characteristics of the person having tattooed. Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and Ariana Grande are just a few of the famous people he has inked. In addition, he presents “Tattoo Roulette,” a game program created by Disney. He has a sizable tattoo parlor that he owns in Los Angeles, and he intends to open one in Japan.

Romeo Lacoste Age

On January 19, 1989, he was born in Montreal, Canada. As of 2023, he is 34 years old. He has a birthday party on January 19th.

Romeo Lacoste Education

She has kept her college or university’s name and location a secret. This data is currently being examined.

Romeo Height

His height is 1.93 meters.

Romeo Lacoste Family

Of his six siblings, he is the oldest. Mickey Lacoste, his younger brother, is a musician and a YouTube sensation. In 2010, he relocated from Canada to San Diego, California, and then settled in Los Angeles.

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Romeo Lacoste Girlfriend | Dating

He is seeing Instagram user Gigi Angelica Marie. He is not gay and is straight.

Romeo Lacoste Career

Romeo showed a flair for cartooning, sketching, and scribbling diverse works of art on paper as early as the age of ten. He was inspired to pursue a profession in the uncommon industry after getting his first tattoo at the age of 17. After finishing high school, he became completely engrossed in the tattoo industry. In his first two years, Lacoste gained notoriety by tattooing celebrities and other members of the entertainment business.

He also undoubtedly amazed everyone with his design concepts. Romeo creates intricate, one-of-a-kind tattoo designs. He relocated to San Diego, California, in 2010 in order to pursue his aspirations. He undertook several apprenticeships, which showed tattooing to be a challenging task. Romeo, however, got his big break in 2015 when he appeared on the Oxygen channel’s Best Ink, a well-liked reality TV program. A platform that focuses on finding talented and professional tattoo artists is provided by the reality TV show. He took advantage of the chance to showcase his artistic abilities.

Romeo Lacoste Shop

He owns and runs The California Dream Tattoo, a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles. He offers a variety of top-notch artwork that is unrestricted by one’s own ideas.

Romeo Lacoste Tattoos

Romeo Micro Tattoos