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Justin Chatwin Biography

(Justin Chatwin) In addition to starring in studio movies like The Invisible and Dragonball Evolution, an action-adventure film based on the Japanese manga Dragon Ball, Justin Chatwin is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in the blockbuster War of the Worlds. He also appeared in the bizarre sci-fi musical Bang Bang Baby.

When was Justin Chatwin born? – Age

He will be 40 years old on October 31st, 2023. He was born in Nanaimo, Canada, in 1982.

Justin Chatwin Family – Education

He is the son of mixed-media artist Suzanne (née Halsall) and engineer Brian, who created and served as president and CEO of Chatwin Engineering, civil engineering, and construction company in British Columbia, in 1982. Chatwin’s parents were divorced in 2010. His late grandfather was descended from French Canadians. The younger sister of Chatwin, Brianna, is a tattoo artist. They received a Catholic upbringing. Following in his father’s footsteps, Chatwin entered the University of British Columbia after high school to study engineering but changed his major after just one week to the business. After a semester, he left school.

Justin Chatwin Wife

Molly Sims and Chatwin were previously involved. He dated the Fallen actress Addison Timlin in 2010.

Justin Chatwin’s Net Worth

A $2 million estimate of his net worth has been made.

What is Justin Chatwin’s height?

He is six feet and one inch tall (1.85 m). Read Also: Michael W. Smith’s Age, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Wife, Songs Albums

Lost Justin Chatwin

In the Lost episode “Further Instructions,” he played Edward F. “Eddie” Colburn, an undercover police officer who made friends with John Locke and broke into the colony. Eddie lived as John Locke’s nephew in his commune after being picked up as a hitchhiker by John Locke. Eddie was an undercover police officer who was put there to study the inner workings of Locke’s “family” and their marijuana-growing business, despite the fact that Eddie mistakenly believed they were making bombs out of fertilizer. At the point of a gun, Eddie admitted to being a cop and said he was confident Locke wouldn’t shoot him.

Justin Chatwin Dragonball Evolution

In the American scientific fantasy superhero-martial arts film Dragonball Evolution from 2009, he provided the voice of Goku, a martial artist and senior in high school. Goku obtains the four-star Dragonball from his grandfather Gohan on his 18th birthday. Two thousand years ago, Piccolo, the Namek King, invaded Earth and inflicted carnage. He starts off by killing anybody who gets in his way as he searches for the seven Dragonballs with his ninja-like henchwoman Mai. They get caught in a trap laid by the bandit Yamcha, who Roshi persuades to go on the hunt with them for another Dragonball.

As they proceed to a temple, where Roshi is creating a fresh Mafuba enchantment to reseal Piccolo, Chi-Chi briefly joins the group. Using Chi’s blood to assume her form, Mai shows up that evening and takes the team’s Dragonballs.

Justin Chatwin’s War of the Worlds

In the 2005 American science fiction action movie War of the Worlds, he played Robbie Ferrier. The movie’s lead actor is Brooklyn, New York, crane operator Ray Ferrier, who is alienated from his two children. His ex-wife delivers them to his home in Bayonne, New Jersey, on her way to see her parents in Boston. They find out that a Boeing 747 had crashed into their neighborhood the following morning. They witness an alien-alien battle between US Marines and some tripods. Although Robbie joins the battle against the invaders out of hatred, Ray’s family manages to flee.

Ray deliberately attracts the aliens’ attention so that he might be enticed into the tripod and save Rachel. With the aid of the other captives, Ray uses grenades to bring down the tripod from within. They meet up again with Mary Ann and Robbie, who had managed to get away.

Justin Chatwin Another Life

In the American science fiction drama television series Another Life, he played Erik Wallace. Wallace is the father of Jana and the husband of Niko; he works for the US Interstellar Command, which is tasked with finding intelligent life on other planets. He researches the crystalline structure of the UFO on Earth.

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Justin Chatwin Bang Bang Baby

In the Canadian musical science-fiction movie Bang Bang Baby, he played Bobby Shore. Teenager Stepphy from the little hamlet of Lonely Arms wants to become a well-known singer. Her drunken father George forbids her from taking part in a singing contest in New York City. She believes that her destiny will be altered when her hero, Bobby Shore, shows up in town after his car breaks down. In the meantime, a hazardous leak at a nearby chemical plant is mutating the residents.

Justin Chatwin’s The Invisible

The Invisible, a 2007 teen supernatural thriller, featured him as Nicholas “Nick” Powell. The main character, Nicholas, awakens to find himself invisible before realizing he has been severely assaulted and is projecting himself from his missing body. He is referred to as Hilmer Eriksson throughout the novel.

Justin Chatwin Movies / Films

  • 2023 – Reagan Not yet released
  • 2022 – The Walk
  • 2021 – Die in a Gunfight
  • 2019 – Summer Night
  • 2018 – In the Cloud
  • 2018 – The Assassin’s Code
  • 2017 – CHiPs
  • 2017 – The Scent of Rain and Lightning
  • 2017 – We Don’t Belong Here
  • 2016 – Poor Boy
  • 2016 – Urge
  • 2016 – Unleashed
  • 2016 – One Night
  • 2015 – The Cycle

Justin Chatwin TV Shows

  • 2019-2021 – Another Life
  • 2017 – The Doomsday Project
  • 2016 – American Gothic
  • 2016 – Doctor Who
  • 2015 – Breed
  • 2015 – Orphan Black
  • 2013 – The Listener
  • 2011–2015 – Shameless
  • 2006 – Lost
  • 2005–2012 – Weeds
  • 2004 – Prodigy
  • 2004 – Traffic
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