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Evan Sernoffsky Age, Bio, KTVU, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Salary

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Since March 2020, American journalist Evan Sernoffsky has served as an investigative reporter for KTVU, a station based in San Francisco, California.
Evan Sernoffsky Image

Evan Sernoffsky Image

Evan Sernoffsky Biography

Since March 2020, American journalist Evan Sernoffsky has served as an investigative reporter for KTVU, a station based in San Francisco, California. Numerous tales about problems with police accountability and flaws in the criminal justice system are covered by him. In Eugene, Oregon, Sernoffsky was raised. He studied at the University of Oregon, where he earned a journalism bachelor’s degree. Before relocating to California, he began his career in the Pacific Northwest, working in Eugene and Portland.

Evan formerly worked at the San Francisco Chronicle, where he covered some of California’s biggest stories, before joining KTVU. He was also heavily involved in the city’s criminal court system, and he reported most of the time from the Hall of Justice. He previously worked for Portland, Oregon

Evan has written about a variety of incidents involving police misconduct, including racial disparities in traffic stops, contentious issues with restraint deaths, and use of force regulations around the Bay Area. Along with some of the challenges facing law enforcement in the wake of shootings and homicides, he has also noted the rise in violence in the area since the COVID breakout. His reporting has also concentrated on the opioid overdose problem in San Francisco. He has also closely followed many prominent federal cases, such as the trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes for fraud and the opioid industry’s bellwether lawsuit in San Francisco.

When he’s not reporting, Evan spends his leisure time in the Bay Area riding, hiking, and fishing. He likes working in his yard, taking care of his plants, and cooking using locally sourced products, preferably from his own garden.

Evan Sernoffsky Age

When was Evan Sernoffsky born? Sernoffsky has succeeded in keeping his private affairs out of the public eye. As a result, it is unknown when he was born and how he currently marks his birthday. As soon as the information is public, we pledge to keep you updated.

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Evan Sernoffsky Family-Parents-Siblings

Despite being well-known, Sernoffsky has kept his parent’s and brothers’ identities a secret. However, we promise to keep you informed as soon as the information is made public.

Evan Sernoffsky Wife-Spouse-Partner

Regarding his romantic life, Sernoffsky has kept silent. As a result, it is unclear whether he is dating, engaged, or Wed. However, as soon as the material is accessible in the public eye, we’ll keep you informed.

Evan Sernoffsky Height

Sernoffsky is a man with a medium build and ordinary height. He is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, to be exact.

Evan Sernoffsky Net Worth

As of 2022, Sernoffsky’s projected net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. His lucrative work as a journalist is mostly responsible for his income.

Evan Sernoffsky Salary

The anticipated yearly salary range for Sernoffsky is $45,500 to $110,500.