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Zain Asher Bio, Age, Height, Family, CNN, Salary, and Net Worth

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Zain Asher is a well-known British-Nigerian female anchor for CNN International at The One World news show airs on workdays at 12 pm ET
Zain Asher Image

Zain Asher Image

Zain AsherZain Asher Bio/ Wiki

Zain Asher is a well-known British-Nigerian female anchor for CNN International. In addition, The One World news show airs on workdays at 12 pm ET on CNN and she’s normally the one hosts. Likewise, Zain Asher is a British-Nigerian female anchor for CNN International. Additionally, the One World news show airs work days at 12 pm ET on CNNI and she’s generally the one mooring it. Beforehand, she worked as a reporter for CNN Money Magazine, Business, and NEWS 12 IN NYC.

Zain Asher Age

Asher is as of now 40 years starting around 2023. In addition, she was brought into the world in Balham, London on the 27th of August 1983. She went by the name of Zain Ejiofor Asher when she was conceived. What’s more, she celebrates her birthday on August 27 every year.

Zain Asher Education

Asher moved on from Oxford University, where she concentrated on French and Spanish and graduated with a distinction in oral Spanish. Afterward, In 2006, she procured an MS from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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Zain Asher Family

Zain’s folks are Nigerians-her dad is the late Arinze Ejiofor and her mom is Obiajulu. Likewise, her mom was a specialist, though her dad was a drug specialist by calling. Also, Their family begins in an area in Nigeria called Ezeagu LGA, Enugu State. Ultimately, Zain has Igbo genealogy and lineage.

Zain Asher Siblings

Asher is the more youthful sister of Chiwetel Umeadu Ejiofor who is an English entertainer and producer who featured in the film 12 years a slave. In addition, she got designated for the Oscar grants. Also, they grew up with their folks in London.

Zain Asher Husband

Asher cheerfully wedded Steve Peoples who fills in as a Chief Political Journalist at the Associated Press. Furthermore, their productive marriage showed how it’s critical to be together. later on, Zain attached a bunch with her long-lasting sweetheart Steve, on 30 September 2017. Moreover, the couple has one beloved newborn who is a boy.

Zain Asher Children

In late 2018, Asher and spouse Steve Peoples invited their most memorable child together. Nonetheless, Zain doesn’t discuss her child’s birthday in public or on social media.

Zain Asher CNN News

Asher started her profession as a writer by working in Nigeria, Mexico, and France for neighborhood channels.
Zain filled in as an overall task writer for News 12 during the beginning stage of her profession, detailing reports from Brooklyn and Connecticut. Additionally, she then, at that point, worked with MONEY Magazine in the fields of vocation and money, composing segments.
Asher proceeded to join CNN in 2013 as a business reporter in the wake of setting up a good foundation for herself as a noticeable commentator. She at first covered news from both the New York Stock Exchange and the U.S. Central bank and led interviews with unmistakable finance managers and business visionaries too.
The commentator, at this point, is situated in New York City and works from CNN’s Atlanta base camp. She secures ‘CNN Newsroom,’ which airs on the organization on the non-weekend days at 2:30 pm ET.
Besides, her different projects incorporate facilitating CNNI’s ‘Commercial center Africa’ show. Other than these, Asher likewise contributes as a business and money essayist to ‘Cash Magazine’.
She won a lot of recognition for her inclusion in the primitive kidnapping of Nigerian students by the Boko Haram party in 2014, talking about her most striking position up until this point. Nonetheless, the business experts have valued her top to bottom inclusion of the overwhelming seismic tremor in Nepal in 2015.
About # MyFreedomDay, a worldwide source of inspiration that brought issues to light of current bondage everywhere, as well as, the passings of Fidel Castro, boxing legend Muhammad Ali and vocalist George Michael, she secured CNN’s exceptional inclusion.
Additionally, Asher has dealt with the New York Stock Exchange, U.S. Central bank financial strategy, and high-profile IPOs as a CNN business correspondent covering the securities exchange.

Zain Asher salary

there is no question that Zain is a gifted columnist. Besides, she procures a compensation of about $ 150,000 yearly. Nonetheless, the specific measure of her check is obscure.

Zain Asher Net worth

Asher’s careful total assets aren’t affirmed, yet, it is assessed that she holds a total asset worth $ 5 Million.

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