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Theo Usherwood Bio, Age, Wiki, LBC, Salary, Wife, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth:

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The renowned political editor for the radio station LBC is Theo Usherhood. He's a London resident. Theo Usherwood is employed by PA media outlets
Theo Usherwood Image

Theo Usherwood Image

Theo Usherwood Biography

The renowned political editor for the radio station LBC is Theo Usherhood. He’s a London resident. Theo Usherwood is employed by PA media outlets. Since early March 2020, he has been dominating headlines across a variety of social media channels. The journalist had been making waves online after being tested for COVID-19. Similarly, he was admitted to the hospital as soon as he contracted pneumonia. Theo once talked about how it feels to spend the remaining time with his own group of friends and family. Read this article through to the conclusion if you’re curious about the personal and professional experiences of the renowned political editor and writer Theo.

Theo Usherwood Age: Birthday

Theo’s birthday is May 1, 1982. He grew up in London, England, where he was born. In 2023, he will be 41 years old based on the year of his birth.

Theo Usherwood Height & Weight

Due to his extreme privacy, we are unaware of Theo Usherwood’s height and weight. Theo is a well-known political editor and reporter. Usherwood is quite attractive and has blonde hair.

Theo Usherwood Parents & Siblings

Theo is a highly personal individual. Thus, we don’t know anything about his parents or siblings. We are eager to find out more about him. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we learn anything new concerning his personal life. Keep up with the Wiki biography till then.

Theo Usherwood Net Worth

Usherwood has not disclosed his monthly compensation. Therefore, we are unsure of the exact amount of his holdings. But as a well-known journalist, good money is expected of him. Theo is one of LBC’s top political editors. Thus, in 2021, his net worth must be estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000.

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Theo Usherwood Married; Spouse; Kids

Theo is contentedly wed to Romella Usherwood, his stunning wife. On social media, however, there is no information about their marriage to be found. Theo and Romella are married, and they have a son named Kofi. Six years old is Kofi. Since the journalist has consented to limited rights being used to publish his personal information online.

Theo Usherwood LBC

Theo has worked in the news and media sectors as a journalist for a considerable amount of time. On the other hand, not much information about his personal information is readily available online. He is said to want to keep his private life out of the public eye and the spotlight on social media. Theo Usherwood is 38 years old as of right now. 1982 was his birth year. Theo always celebrates his birthday on May 1st. He is a Taurus in the zodiac.

The journalist grew raised in Britain, where he was born. He is British by nationality because he was raised in Great Britain. Despite the fact that there is nothing online regarding his ethnicity. He and his spouse and son currently dwell in their house in Nottinghamshire, England, in the United Kingdom.