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Ryan DeBolt Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth, Now

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Because he is the ex-husband of the Mexican-American actor Sara Ramirez, Ryan DeBolt is associated with the Grey's Anatomy star. The most well

Because he is the ex-husband of the Mexican-American actor Sara Ramirez, Ryan DeBolt is associated with the Grey’s Anatomy star. The most well-known role that his ex-wife Sara has ever had is that of Dr. Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy. She recently appeared in the American comedy-drama And Just Like That as Che Diaz.

Since Sara works in the entertainment industry, the public is aware of both her personal and professional life. Who is the ex-husband of Sara Ramirez, though? Let’s learn more about Ryan DeBolt, including his age, career history, and other details.

Ryan DeBolt Wiki

You might be curious as to Ryan DeBolt’s occupation. He is a businessman who is Mexican-American who is interested in banking analytics.

Ryan is a Time Inc. employee, according to certain wiki pages. Ryan DeBolt, who is currently employed in the finance industry, is the senior director at Service Max, according to his LinkedIn profile.

DeBolt, who works at Service Max, has chosen anonymity ever since he separated from his then-wife, so it’s unclear whether Ryan is Sara’s ex-husband or not. Ryan, who is currently 41 years old, was born in Mexico in the year 1980. He was born on September 25, making his 42nd birthday in 2022. The sign Ryan is Libra. He began his schooling in Mexico and then immigrated to the United States. He is a mixed-ethnicity person of Irish and Mexican descent.

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Ryan DeBolt Relationship With Sara Ramirez

The association between Ryan DeBolt and Sara Ramirez is well-known. On July 4, 2012, Ryan and Sara were united in marriage in front of their closest family and friends in a private ceremony. In a New York beachfront ceremony, they exchanged vows.

According to reports, Ryan and his ex-wife first connected during an “after-after” party. They eventually started dating, and in 2011 they became engaged. When Ryan asked Sara to marry him, he prepared a charming proposal for her in Paris.

But Ryan and Sara’s union lasted just nine years. Sara revealed in an Instagram post that she has split from her ex-husband after over nine years of marriage. On July 7, 2021, Sara published a message on Instagram revealing that she and Ryan were no longer together. Writes the actress, When they were still married, the couple was vocal about their bonding, but they now prefer solitude in their personal life.

Many years may have passed between Ryan and Sara before they made their breakup publicly known, according to some reports. It’s unclear if Ryan has moved on to a new relationship since his divorce. Sara’s dating status is likewise unknown at this time. There are no children between Ryan DeBolt and his ex-wife Sara Ramirez. In 2016 Sara came out as bisexual, and in August 2020 she came out as nonbinary.

Ryan DeBolt Net Worth

For many years, Ryan DeBolt has worked in the field of business and financial analytics. He has a fantastic net worth as a result of his employment. His net worth hasn’t been determined with certainty, although it is assumed to be in the millions of dollars. The estimated current net worth of his ex-wife Sara Ramirez is also over $7 million.