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Robert Krulwich Biography

Robert Louis Krulwich, an American radio and television journalist, was a co-host of the show Radiolab and presently works as a science reporter for NPR. He was born on August 5, 1947. He has had full-time positions with National Public Radio, Pacifica, ABC, and CBS. Krulwich has contributed to ABC’s Nightline and World News Tonight, PBS’s Frontline, NOVA, and NOW with Bill Moyers, among other programs. He was dubbed “the most inventive network reporter in television” by TV Guide, and New York Magazine named him “the man who simplifies without being simple.”

Robert Krulwich Age-Birthdate

As of August 2023, he will be 76 years old. On August 5, 1947, in the United States of America, Rob was given the name Robert Louis Krulwich.

Robert Krulwich Education

Krulwich earned a bachelor’s degree in US history from Oberlin College in 1969 and a juris doctor from Columbia Law School in 1974.

Robert Krulwich Wife-Kids

Along with his wife Tamar Lewin, a national correspondent for The New York Times, Krulwich resides in New York City and Shelter Island, New York. Jesse (who received his degree from Earlham College in 2007) and Nora Ann (a 2011 graduate of Bowdoin College) are their two children. Act 2 of Episode 226 (“Reruns”) of the Chicago Public Radio show This American Life featured the pair, who related their different (and conflicting) memories of a life event.

Robert Krulwich Retire

The announcement that Krulwich will be leaving Radiolab was made via the Radiolab email newsletter on December 5, 2019, with the caveat that it would not be an instant retirement. He had his final episode on January 30, 2020. More, Emily Chang Age, Brotopia, Studio1.0, Wiki, Bio, Height, Husband, Salary, Net Worth

Robert Krulwich Awards and Honors

For his reporting on campaign finance during the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign, he received an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award. He also received national Emmy Awards for his investigation into online privacy, High Stakes in Cyberspace, and a George Polk Award for an hourlong piece on the savings and loan scandal. He also received an Emmy for his Barbie ABC special.

Krulwich has won numerous other honors for his reporting, including the 2001 American Association for the Advancement of Science Excellence in Television Award for a NOVA special on the human genome, four consecutive Gainsbrugh Awards from the Economics Broadcasting Association, and the Extraordinary Communicator Award from the National Cancer Institute in 2000. He also received the 2001 AAAS Science Journalism Award for Cracking the Code of Life, a NOVA special.

Krulwich was added to TV Guide’s “all-star reporting team.” He appeared in Esquire’s “RegularWNYC and won a Peabody Award in 2010 for Radiolab. In 1989, “The Industry of Outstanding Men and Women” was published.

Robert Krulwich Net Worth

His net worth is said to be $2 million.

Robert Krulwich Career

He has held full-time employment positions with ABC, CBS, National Public Radio, and Pacifica. He has contributed to PBS’ Frontline, NOVA, and NOW with Bill Moyers in addition to ABC’s Nightline and World News Tonight. Krulwich was referred to as “the most creative network reporter in television” by TV Guide, and “the man who simplifies without being simple” by New York Magazine. From 1978 through 1985, he served as NPR’s business and economics reporter. Krulwich also recorded an opera called “Rato Interesso” to explain interest rates as one of his other creative undertakings. He then started hosting the PBS arts program Edge. Related, Stuart Varney Age, Net Worth, Fox News, FBN, Bio, Divorce, Family, Wife, Kids

He started working for CBS in 1984 and has subsequently been on Nightwatch with Charlie Rose, 48 Hours, and This Morning. During the Gulf War, he co-anchored the CBS program America Tonight. ABC hired him in 1994. On the first episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1992, Krulwich appeared as a guest. Tom Shales, a critic, derided Krulwich’s attendance and called him “the Big Bird of economics.” He was the anchor of NPR’s semi-fictional year-in-review show Backfire during the whole 1990s. In 1995, Krulwich and the rest of the “Backfire” band were invited by President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton to record a live concert there.

He presented the eight-part prime-time series Brave New World for ABC Nightline in 1999. The program frequently included musical guests who were members of They Might Be Giants. In 2004, Krulwich was appointed anchor and managing editor of the groundbreaking PBS science program NOVA scienceNOW. The program typically dealt with scientific topics that were deemed to be too complex for television, occasionally illuminating arcane ideas using cartoons and musical production pieces. In 2005, Krulwich re-established a relationship with NPR, where he continued to create sporadic segments for ABC News and regularly contributed to several science-related programs. Krulwich made the decision to end his engagement with NOVA scienceNOW after just five episodes since he was working on several other projects at the time.

Regularly, Krulwich moderates scientific discussions at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. In his YMHA talks, notable figures like Brian Greene and James D. Watson have appeared. He frequently contributes to Frontline, a PBS investigative program. In addition to filling in for the hosts of NPR’s magazine series, Krulwich co-hosted the Radiolab show from the middle of 2004 to January 2020 with Jad Abumrad. In the 2021 feature documentary film Objects, Krulwich plays a supporter of realizing the value of seemingly trivial artifacts for their history and personal significance.

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