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Natalie Pirks Bio, Age, Married, Family, Net Worth

British sportscaster Natalie Pirks has a track record of success in the broadcast media sector. Since 2013, she has been a sports correspondent for BBC Sport. On her road to taking her job to a new level of success, Natalie is juggling her personal and professional lives like a pro. Here is some information about her marriage, her children, and a lot more.

Natalie Pirks Family: Parents, Siblings

Despite spending a lot of time in the spotlight, British broadcaster Natalie Pirks’ parents and siblings remain unknown. But in May 2021, she posted a photo of herself and her father from a meeting they had nine years earlier while Natalie was covering the champions league final in Munich. Les Pirks is the name of her father.

Is Natalie Pirks Married? / Who Is Natalie Pirks’ Husband?

Diego Rincón, a producer from Columbia, is Natalia Pirks’ husband. Her husband, Diego is an executive producer based in London with previous experience working with renowned performers and producing for both public and private broadcasters.

Diego, who has experience in a variety of television genres, including comedy, children’s, reality, and advertising, recently won a BAFTA for his work on Ant & Dec. He has been employed with ITV Studios as an executive producer for a sizable amount of time. For a while, he worked as an executive producer for Hungry Bear Media Limited.

Diego has also held positions as a director, VT producer, and edit producer during his career. His roles in Family Assemble, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, The Apprentice, Soccer Aid 2014, Text Santa, Children In Need, Ross Noble Freewheeling, and other projects have earned him recognition.

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Family Life And Children

Diego and Natalie have been married for a considerable amount of time. Between these times, they welcomed two daughters, Ariella and Soraya, into the world. While Soraya was born in 2016, Ariella was born in May 2011.

On social media, both Diego and Natalie have shared snippets of their family life. They have uploaded a number of photos of their children to Instagram. Natalie posted a Christmas photo in December 2021 with her husband, their two daughters, and two pets.

Similarly, in March of this year, Diego posted a picture of his family on Instagram along with the wonderful message, “My family is my strength, my inspiration, and my happy place.” He continued by saying that he is fortunate to have them close by and that he would be lost without them. Diego and Natalie, who were dating at the time, got married in June 2006, making their union almost 16 years old.

Natalie Pirks Education

He studied at the University of Stirling, where he received his degree in communication and media studies in 2001.

Natalie Pirks’ Net Worth

After graduating, Natalie Pirks started her professional career. She has been a sports correspondent for BBC Sport for about 9 years, earning a fantastic income from the organization. Although her exact income is unknown, her net worth is thought to be in the millions. Her predicted net worth in 2022 is more than $1 million.

Quick Facts About Natalie Pirks / Short Wiki

  • Although Natalie Pirks’ birthday and date of birth are unknown, it is assumed that she is in her late 30s.
  • She studied at Bournemouth University, where she graduated in 2000 with a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Journalism.
  • She has two daughters with her husband, producer Diego Rincón from Columbia.
  • Additionally, Natalie has experience as a sports correspondent for ITV News and a sports reporter for Setanta Sports.
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