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Lisa Ling CNN, Age, This Is Life, Full Bio & Wiki, Net Worth

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Lisa J. Ling is an American journalist, television personality, and novelist who was born on August 30, 1973. She is the current host of CNN's
Lisa Ling Image

Lisa Ling Image

Lisa Ling Biography

Lisa J. Ling is an American journalist, television personality, and novelist who was born on August 30, 1973. She is the current host of CNN’s This Is Life with Lisa Ling. She was previously a Channel One News reporter, a co-host of ABC’s daytime talk show The View (1999–2002), the host of National Geographic Explorer (2003–2010), and a special correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show. From 2011 through 2014, Ling hosted Our America with Lisa Ling on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Lisa Ling Age and Birthday

She was born on August 30, 1973, in Sacramento, California, United States of America. Lisa is a 49-year-old woman.

Lisa Ling Height and Other Measurements

She is a woman of average stature, standing at approximately 5 feet 8 inches (1.75m) tall. She has not, however, shared any of her other physical measurements with the public.

Lisa Ling Nationality and Ethnicity

She was born in the United States and holds American citizenship. She was also born and raised in the United States of America, in Sacramento, California. Furthermore, he is of white origin and heritage.

Lisa Ling Family: Parents and Siblings

Ling was born in the city of Sacramento in the state of California. Mary Mei-yan (née Wang), her mother, is a Taiwanese immigrant from Tainan, Taiwan, who worked as the director of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs in Los Angeles. Chung Teh “Douglas” Ling, Ling’s father, is a Chinese immigrant who was born in Hong Kong in 1937. Her paternal grandmother was born on the island of Labuan, which is now part of Malaysia. In the 1930s, her paternal grandfather, a native of Guangzhou, Guangdong, was one of the first Chinese students to be allowed to study in the United States. He earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Colorado and a graduate degree from New York University. He struggled to find work in the United States and eventually launched Folsom, California’s first Chinese restaurant.

When Ling was seven years old, her parents separated. Following the divorce, her father raised her and her sister in Carmichael, California, just outside of Sacramento. Ling wanted to be a writer and looked up to Connie Chung. Read Also: Who is W. Kamau Bell CNN? Net Worth, Wife

Lisa Ling Sister

Laura Ling, her younger sister, and a journalist served as managing editor of Vanguard at Current TV and is now a host and correspondent on the E! Network. Laura and her colleague Euna Lee were imprisoned by North Korea in March 2009 for attempting to enter the country illegally. They were attempting to video refugees near the Chinese border. They were sentenced to 12 years in a work camp in June for unauthorized entry into North Korea and hostile conduct that was not detailed. After a visit from former US President Bill Clinton, North Korea released Laura and Euna on August 4, 2009. Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home, published in May 2010, was the result of Lisa and Laura Ling’s collaboration.

Lisa Ling Husband: Spouse and Children (Personal Life)

Through mutual friends, Ling met businessman and future Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine in 2004. On February 18, 2005, they began dating and were engaged. She ended the relationship in October of that year, telling People Magazine that the main reason was their busy schedules, particularly her job’s frequent foreign travel. She announced her engagement to radiation oncologist Paul Song on January 3, 2007. They married in Los Angeles, California, on May 26, 2007. Connie Chung, one of Lisa’s particular heroes, as well as actors Kelly Hu and Diane Farr, were among the attendees of the wedding.

She received an honorary degree from National University on June 7, 2009, after giving the commencement speech there. On Anderson Cooper’s talk show in October 2012, Ling revealed that she and her husband were expecting their first child, a baby girl. She gave birth to a daughter named Jett Ling Song on March 8, 2013. On June 6, 2016, she gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Ray Ling Song. Santa Monica, California is where the family calls home.

Lisa Ling Education

Ling graduated from Fair Oaks, California’s Del Campo High School in 1991 and went on to the University of Southern California. Ling dropped out of USC before graduating, working as a reporter for Channel One News at a young age and opting to “find her education by traveling to different places instead.” In a 2016 speech to USC students, Ling noted, “Traveling, in my opinion, is the best form of education. If there’s one thing you should remember from tonight, it’s to travel. I am certain that traveling makes you a better, brighter, and more marketable job prospect.” She is a native Spanish speaker.

Lisa Ling CNN

Since roughly 2014, she has been filling in as a large group on CNN’s This Is Life broadcast. Lisa has a narrative series called This Is Life with Lisa, which premiered on September 28, 2014. In October 2019, she also signed a new line of work contract with HBO Max for a six-part narrative series about American Asian life and eateries.

Prior to CNN, she worked as a chief producer and host-of-our-America at the Oprah Winfrey Show, which aired for five seasons on OWN in Los Angeles, California. Lisa had previously worked as a stand-in host on the National Geographic Ultimate Explorer. During her tour, she explored the medicine debate in Columbia, the style of living in US prisons, and the infamous MS-13 gang.

In addition, she began her professional career in 1999 at Walt Disney Television, where she worked as a co-host of the show for three years and one month. According to Ling, she was in charge of facilitating portions such as examining for ladies and.

Lisa Ling HBO Max deal

Ling has inked an overall contract with HBO’s streaming channel HBO Max, which was announced on October 22, 2019. Birth, Wedding, and Funeral is the first project Ling will work on with HBO Max.

On April 22, 2021, HBO Max announced that Ling’s six-part documentary series Take Out had been ordered. The series will delve into the world of Asian takeout businesses in America, as well as the lives of the people and families who keep them afloat.

Lisa Ling This Is Life (Present)

CNN announced on April 14, 2014, that Ling would host a documentary series called This is Life with Lisa Ling as part of its primetime roster. On September 28, 2014, the show premiered.

Lisa Ling’s Net Worth

With almost a decade of experience in the media world, there is no doubt that she has amassed a sizable wealth for herself. As a result, she predicted her net worth in 2022 is between $3.5 million and $5.5 million.

Lisa Ling Health

Ling was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at the age of 40.

Lisa Ling Salary

Lisa is a well-known media figure. As a result, as of 2022, her expected annual compensation ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.

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