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Leylah Annie Fernandez Family, Parents, Siblings, Dating, Net Worth

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Tennis player Leylah Annie Fernandez is a young, energetic Canadian. With a career-high ranking of No. 15 by the WTA (Women's Tennis Associati
Leylah Annie Image

Leylah Annie Image

Leylah Annie Bio/Wiki

Tennis player Leylah Annie Fernandez is a young, energetic Canadian. With a career-high ranking of No. 15 by the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) as of June 2022, the 19-year-old tennis player is demonstrating the truth of her father’s remarks as one of the breakthrough stars. Leylah has also beaten two of the top five seeds for the US Open in 2021, including the current champion Naomi Osaka.

Leylah Annie Family: Parents And Siblings

Leylah’s parents, who have encouraged her since day one, can also be recognized for her tennis success. Despite the fact that he didn’t know anything about the sport, her father served as her coach.

Jorge Fernandez and Irene Exevea are her parents’ names. She was reared in a multicultural environment because her mother is Filipino and her father is Ecuadorian. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a professional tennis player as she was growing up.

When he was a little lad, her father Jorge relocated to Canada from Guayaquil with his family. Later on, he played football professionally in Ecuador.

Jodeci Fernandez and Bianca Jolie Fernandez, Leylah’s sisters, reared her. Bianca plays tennis, while Jodeci is a dentist. Bianca recently received her high school diploma, while her sister Jodeci, who is older, got married in 2021.

Is Leylah Annie Dating?

Currently, Leylah doesn’t appear to be dating anyone. The tennis star doesn’t have a boyfriend, as suggested by the social media posts.

The 19-year-old tennis prodigy hasn’t posted anything online that may indicate her relationship status. Leylah has been posting nice messages about her family on social media, but she hasn’t shared any images with anyone who might be her potential love interest. Leylah doesn’t appear to have time for dating because she is too busy advancing her profession to a new level of accomplishment. However, keep checking back with us for updates on Leylah Fernandez’s romantic situation. READ MORE: Leah Hextall Wiki, Married, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Leylah Annie Fernandez’s Net Worth

Leylah, a tennis player from Canada, is one of the most talented and, despite her youth, is already ranked among the top 15.

Annie has achieved enormous recognition through her professional tennis career and has been making a fantastic living as a tennis player. Leylah is increasing her net worth through brand endorsements in addition to the prize money.

The precise amount of her net worth is, however, kept in a locked box. Her anticipated net worth in 2022, however, is between $1 million and $5 million.

Facts About Leylah Annie

  • Leylah Annie Fernandez, a professional tennis player from Canada, was born in 2002 and is now 19 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she was born on September 6th.
  • She stands at 1.68 m (5 feet 6 inches) tall.
  • Real Madrid and Manchester City are two teams Leylah supports.
  • She is bilingual in Spanish and French.