Jill Washburn

Jill Washburn, Bio, Age, Height, Ankle Bracelet and more

Jill Washburn, Biography

Jill Washburn, an American journalist and weather forecaster, currently anchors the morning news at NewsNet in Detroit, Michigan. She joined the program in 2022 after a spell at FOX 2 where she has been a reporter and meteorologist for nearly six years. Jill first served FOX 2 in Southfield Miami in June 2018 as a meteorologist before she transferred to to Detroit in 2020. While in South filed, she was a general assignment reporter and producer of the show “Jill of All Trades”. She owns the Washburn Creative, a company that deals with all events, comedy, artists, philosophers and many other specialists.

Jill Washburn, Age

Age and numbers tend to be used to judge the abilities of an individual. Maybe this is the reason Washburn does not make her age public. From her looks and the level of expertise she has in metrology and forecasting, one could comfortably estimate her to be somewhere in her late fifties. She was born in Cleveland Ohio and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America.

Jill Washburn, Education

Jill holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology studies from the Michigan State University were she studied from 1979 to1983.She graduated with a certificate in meteorology from Penn State University in 2014. She was a long distance runner at Rochester High School. With her energy focused into athletics, she got a track and cross country scholarship to Michigan. She was super successful at All-America Cross Country in the 10,000 meters track. Washburn was a Big Ten Conference Champion Record Holder. Her photos and autographs are available for sale at Historical Images.

Jill Washburn, Parents

Mystery sticks around the parentage of Jill Washburn. She keeps all information about her parents to herself, keeping the aging couple from the public spotlight.

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Jill Washburn, Marriage and Children

Does Jill have children? Is she married? More mystery added on Jill`s personal life. Jill has one daughter. Both the daughter`s and father`s names are kept from the public.

Jill Washburn, Height

Washburn appears to be quite tall, standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches(1.70m). She keeps her body weight at 68kgs.Measurements on her breast, hips, and waist are still under review.

Jill Washburn, Career

She started out at CBS-62/CW-50 as the host of Street Beat Community Affairs Programming in 2014. In March 2015 she moved to FOX 2 Detroit as a weather forecaster and left in August to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a spokesperson till August 2016. Jill came back to FOX 2 in Southfield, Miami as a weather forecaster in June 2018 before she transferred to Detroit. She still works at FOX 2 alongside news anchors Camille Amiri and Lori Pinson.

Jill Washburn`s Net worth

Jill earns a salary ranging between $ 33,774 to $112,519. Her net worth estimates are around $5 million.

Jill Washburn, The Ankle Bracelet

If you look closely at her right leg, you will always notice an ankle bracelet. Ever wondered why Jill Washburn has it? Unluckily the answer to that question stays with her since she has never said anything about the bracelet though it remains distinctly around her ankle. A saying goes that she wears a Fitbit.

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