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Jana Shortal Age, KARE 11, Bio, Baby, Partner, Net Worth, Salary, Family,

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Jana Shortal is an American journalist and television host who has won five Regional Emmy awards. She was born and raised in the country.
Jana Shortal Image

Jana Shortal Image

Jana Shortal Biography

Jana Shortal is an American journalist and television host who has won five Regional Emmy awards. She was born and raised in the country. Shortal now works as a General Assignment Reporter, Anchor, and Host of KARE 11’s Breaking The News at KARE 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She spent three years and one month as a reporter at WDAF-TV before joining the KARE 11 news staff. The National Association of LGBTQ Journalists is a group she belongs to.

Jana Shortal Age

As of 2023, Shortal will be 46 years old. She was born in the United States of America in 1977. It is challenging to determine when she celebrates her birthday because she has not made her precise date of birth public. Nevertheless, as soon as this data becomes accessible, we will update this area.

Jana Shortal Height

Jana has a height that is typical. If her images, in relation to her surroundings, are any indication, she has a lofty stature. Her exact height and other physical characteristics, however, are not yet known to the general public. When the data is available, we’ll update this area.

Jana Shortal Education

Shortal enrolled at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1995, and in 1999, following many years of study, she received her Broadcast Journalism degree. She felt undercut by other women in her group who, in her opinion, were far more attractive and appeared as though they were destined to succeed on television. Her hesitation eventually won out, prompting her to proceed to the important correspondence area. But despite this, Shortal continued to communicate newscasting, in large part because of Greeley Kyle, an associate teacher at the School, who was unwavering in his pursuit.

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In the subsequent semesters, she would run to see her former Broadcast II instructor a few times in the Walter Williams Hall lobby, where he would bring up her decision to leave the classroom.

Jana Shortal Partner Wedding

Laura Zebuhr is Jana’s lifelong companion, and she is presently engaged. 2019 saw her pop the question to Laura as they were camping in the sleepy town of Finland, Minnesota, not far from the North Shore. After that, she posted an announcement with the caption “She. Said. YES.” on Facebook, thanking “all who literally and figuratively held my hand up until this moment when I asked Laura for hers.” Soon, information will be posted regarding their wedding.

Jana Shortal Salary

Shortal’s average yearly pay ranges from $24,292 to $72,507. However, depending on the employee’s degree of seniority, these numbers may fluctuate significantly. We do not yet know the actual wage, but we will update this area as soon as we learn.

Jana Shortal Net Worth

As of 2020, Jana’s net worth is predicted to be $300,000. This includes her possessions, funds, and earnings. Her work as a journalist and television host is the main source of her income. She has been able to amass a substantial fortune from her different sources of income, yet she likes to live simply.

Jana Shortal Kare 11

As an anchor, general assignment reporter, and host of KARE 11’s Breaking The News, Shortal is now employed by KARE 11. She covers a wide range of topics, such as legislation and misconduct. She fully commits to being the one who informs the network about what they are qualified for, regardless of whether they are lucky or unfortunate, and to act as the watchdog who holds the selected and those with significant power accountable for their actions.

In any case, Shortal says she finds the most fulfillment in telling human-interest stories. “The normal person’s totally not-normal story spurs me to record as a hard copy something that enables individuals to feel – feel outraged, pity, sympathy, euphoria, or anything that inspires a reaction,” she says of her fulfillment. She puts her entire heart into the stories she has shared with others. She discusses one such case in which a woman was fighting cancer and was about to pass away (Ann Taylor’s Story).

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Before she passed away, Shortal made tapes for the woman’s children to view when they reached milestones like earning their driver’s license, attending prom, or celebrating their big day. Even after all these years, Shortal continues to hear from viewers who express to her how much the narrative, even if only for a little minute, changed them. It’s rewarding for the woman who has been changed for a little moment but for a lifetime since others made the effort to encourage her when she needed it, realizing she has contacted others in a good way via her storytelling.

Shortal has become confident in her ability to speak in her own voice and in her ability to relate the stories that encourage her viewers on a similar level. These stories serve as a reminder to Shortal of why she does her duty and convince her that she is, in fact, at the right place at the right time.

Jana Shortal Before and After

When Jana was 26 years old, she came out as a lesbian and has been one ever since. She felt pressured to conceal her more feminine style while working as a journalist behind what she referred to as her “woman uniform.” Years ago, she corrected her naturally curly hair into a jaw-length weave and dressed herself every morning.