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Ivy Calvin from “Storage Wars” Net Worth, Grandma’s Attic, Wife, Eyes

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Ivy Calvin is an American businessman and reality TV star. Born in 1971, he is of African American descent. His parents' names and other personal information have not been made public.
Ivy Calvin Image

Ivy Calvin Image

The auction industry has made many people quite wealthy. Some people have looked for hidden and rare gems, which they then bid on and profit handsomely from. Included in them is Ivy Calvin. The American treasure hunter has been in the industry since he was a young guy and has since built a successful career with it.

Greece used to auction off its women for marriage approximately 500 BC, which is when the auction industry first emerged. Auctions were used by early Americans to sell slaves, estates, and agricultural products. These days, it’s a lucrative industry where a variety of goods are sold to the highest bidder. Ivy Calvin has become a business expert and is now making a fortune from it.

Ivy Calvin’s Early life; Age, date of Birth, Education

Calvin is an American businessman and reality TV star. Born in 1971, he is of African American descent. His parents’ names and other personal information have not been made public. Nor is it known if he has any siblings.

Calvin was a sports enthusiast who attended a nearby high school before enrolling in California State University, Northridge to pursue his higher education. Was Ivy Calvin a football player? Indeed. He played football for the university as a linebacker while he was a student there.

Ivy Calvin Eye

What happened to Ivy’s eye? There is a noticeable scar surrounding the treasure hunter’s right eye. There have been rumors that he suffered injuries whilst competing as a martial artist. Ivy did, however, confirm that he sustained the injuries when a wave hit and pushed him onto the coral while out fishing. Thankfully, the event merely left him with a mark and did not permanently harm him.

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Ivy Calvin Professional Career

The television celebrity began his professional football career. He qualified for the Arena Football League while playing linebacker for Cal State Northridge. At Vasquez High School, Ivy Calvin was also an assistant football coach. He’s a basketball player as well.

After a while, Calvin changed his line of work to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It was against Samu Samu that he made his martial arts fighting debut in 2002. Ivy Calvin set a new MMA record in this encounter when he was declared the winner just one minute into the contest. The fighter never returned to the ring after winning the competition by submission.

Ivy Calvin Grandma’s Attic

Calvin started going to auctions and got interested in storage lockers while he was a student at the university. He started making regular investments in lockers for the following ten years, searching for them and taking part in high-stakes auctions throughout the country. Calvin bought things at flea markets and swap fairs, which he then sold.

To augment his earnings from auctions, Ivy founded Grandma’s Attic, a resale and consignment store, in Palmdale, California, in 2009. Through the venture, he gained enough notoriety to be featured on a well-known TV program.

To better serve more customers, the store saw tremendous growth and has now moved its operations online. In search of the ideal find, buyers regularly visit and peruse a wide variety of vintage jewelry, apparel, ancient books, and antique ceramics.

After opening his store, Calvin took up the moniker “The King of Palmdale” to brag about his profitable auction endeavors. The outlet is becoming a well-liked travel destination.

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Ivy Calvin Storage Wars

In 2012, the former football player became a cast member of A&E’s reality series “Storage Wars.” It was the third season of the show. In the third and fourth seasons, he appeared occasionally. In the fifth season, he joined the main cast.

What happened to Ivy Calvin on Storage Wars? The reality star had a relationship with the nickname while he was on the show, and he won big multiple times. Ivy bids on many unique and distinctive goods and objects from his junk business on “Storage Wars.”

The other participants frequently talked about Ivy’s strong demeanor, which he exploited to his fullest potential. After the fifth season, the former martial artist departed the program in 2017. He appeared in over fifty episodes.

Ivy Calvin Personal Life; Wife; Spouse

A few of his followers have inquired, “Is Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars married?” Indeed. The business owner is married to Wendy Calvin. Ivy’s spouse has a very personal life and would like to stay out of the spotlight. In 2014, she made one of her rare public appearances when she and her spouse attended the “Reality Wanted Awards” in Los Angeles.

Ivy Jr. and Isaiah are the couple’s two sons; they were married in 2014. Ivy Jr. plays football and basketball, following in his father’s footsteps. His goal is to be awarded a college scholarship so that he can continue his sports career.

The sons of Ivy Calvin made an appearance alongside their father in an episode of “Storage Wars.” He enjoys spending quality time with his boys, and together they like to go fishing, hunting, and exploring California.

Ivy Calvin’s Net Worth

The American TV personality is worth $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Through his career in sports, business, and television, he has gradually accumulated this sum.

Ivy Calvin House

Acton, California is the location of Ivy Calvin’s home. The mansion is thought to have cost him a great deal of money and is one of his valuables. The sportsman has advocated for numerous fundraising events on his social media platforms since he is also deeply committed to charitable work.