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Francella Perez KUSI, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Salary

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American journalist Francella Perez is the morning meteorologist for KUSI News. Perez moved to Los Angeles as a young child after being born
Francella Perez Image

Francella Perez Image

Francella Perez Biography

American journalist Francella Perez is the morning meteorologist for KUSI News. Perez moved to Los Angeles as a young child after being born in San Jose, Costa Rica. Experienced and passionate about the weather and what it implies for the viewers, she is a meteorologist. She was a weather anchor and meteorologist for Meruelo Media in Los Angeles, California, before she joined the KUSI News weather team. She also had positions as a Weather Anchor at Telemundo 52 and a Technical Operator at FOX Sports.

Francella Perez Education

She graduated in 1997 from Poway High School. She later earned a journalism bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in 2001. Francella earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from UCLA. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University in geoscience broadcast meteorology.

Francella Perez Age

Perez was born on February 2, 1973, in San Jose, Costa Rica, and subsequently moved to Los Angeles. As of 2023, she will be 48 years old. Her birthday is always on February 2nd, and she was born under the sign of Aquarius.

Francella Perez Height

Francella has a typical height. If her images, in relation to her surroundings, are any indication, she has a lofty stature. Her exact height and other physical characteristics, however, are not yet known to the general public. When the data is available, we’ll update this area.

Francella Perez Parents-Siblings

She hasn’t provided any information on her family member; it is being reviewed and will be updated shortly.

Francella Perez Husband

She has a successful marriage. She has two kids with her hubby. Sadly, she has not disclosed the names of her family. Currently, she, her husband, and their two kids reside in North County.

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Francella Perez Kids

Perez has two children, but she hasn’t given much information about them. This information is presently being reviewed, and an update will be made shortly.

Francella Perez Kusi

Francella Perez, the morning meteorologist for KUSI News, was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, and moved to Los Angeles when she was a little child. Perez has been developing and delivering weather predictions for Telemundo and Mundo Fox in Los Angeles for 13 years. She co-hosted the entertainment program “Viva el 22” on Mundo Fox and the morning show “Acceso Total” on Telemundo.

Francella has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from UCLA, as well as a Geoscience Broadcast Meteorology Certification and a Bachelor of Science in Geoscience Broadcast Meteorology, both from Mississippi State University. She is an NWA Weather Ambassador and a member of the National Weather Association. Francella has received several honors over her career, including the famous “Golden Mike” award.

Francella likes to exercise to keep active. She enjoys running a lot, going to Zumba classes, doing yoga, and salsa dancing. She is accustomed to being outside and makes the most of the extensive system of hiking trails in North County. Francella is an experienced meteorologist who loves the weather and what it implies for the audience. She is excited to get more connected with the community that KUSI serves despite being relatively new to the San Diego region.

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Francella Perez Salary

Perez’s average yearly pay ranges from $24,292 to $72,507. According to our estimates of the typical pay for journalists in the US, this is. However, depending on the employee’s degree of seniority, these numbers may fluctuate significantly. We do not yet know the actual wage, but we will update this area as soon as we learn.

Francella Perez’s Net Worth

The range of Francella’s net worth is between $100,000 and $1,000,000. This includes her possessions, funds, and earnings. Her work as a journalist and meteorologist is her main source of income. She has been able to amass riches via her different sources of income, yet she wants to live simply.