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What is a Computer Keyboard and the Function of its Keys

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A computer keyboard is an input device that uses buttons or keys to insert characters and functions into a computer system.
Computer Keyboard Image

Computer Keyboard Image

A computer keyboard is an input device that uses buttons or keys to insert characters and functions into a computer system. Learn about computer keyboards, their parts, layout, and functions, as well as how they work with different languages and as virtual keyboards.


A computer keyboard is an input device that uses buttons or keys to insert characters and functions into a computer system. It is the most common method of text entry. Individual letters, numbers, and special characters, as well as keys for specialized operations, are often found on a keyboard. A wireless or cable connection is used to connect a keyboard to a computer system.

The layout of most keyboards is relatively similar. The character keys refer to the individual keys for letters, numerals, and special characters. The layout of these keys is based on the typewriter’s original key layout. QWERTY is the most extensively used keyboard layout in the English language, named after the first six letters from the top left.

Entering and editing keys (e.g., Enter, Delete, Insert), modifier keys (e.g., Control, Shift), navigation keys (e.g., arrows for up, down, left, right) and lock keys are all common to practically all keyboards (e.g., Caps Lock). Additional keys are very dependent on the operating system (such as the Windows and Apple keys). ALSO READ: Valerie Boey

At the top of most keyboards are a set of function keys (F1, F2, etc.). The function keys are usually used to conduct a specific operation within a software application. As a result, what they do may be influenced by what they are doing at the time on your computer.

A separate numeric keypad is found on the right side of most desktop computer keyboards. Even if there are numeric keys towards the top of a row, having them all close together makes entering numeric data faster. Due to space limits, number keypads are often absent on smaller keyboards, such as those seen on most laptops. A common keyboard layout can be seen here. Keep in mind that there are numerous variants of this layout, though most manufacturers adhere to the following fundamental guidelines:

This general layout, on the other hand, has stayed surprisingly consistent over time. Users can now easily go from one computer system to the next and employ their typing skills across different devices.

Many jobs necessitate the simultaneous pressing of multiple keys. For example, to get the capital letter ‘A,’ you must simultaneously press the Shift and the A keys. This would be expressed as ‘Shift + A’ when reading or writing instructions for how to do a certain task. Ctrl + S, for instance, saves the current document in most software applications. If you’ve been using computers for a while, you’ve undoubtedly seen a few of these combos.

Do you want to discover what the most well-known combo is? Control-Alt-Delete is sometimes known as Ctrl + Alt + Del. This truly rebooted your PC on earlier computers. It’s similar to unplugging and replugging the power cord. The combination brings up options to log off or shut down, as well as options to force a specific software application to quit in more recent versions of the Windows operating system. If you are unable to exit an application in a conventional manner, this is handy. KNOW ABOUT: How To Find Comments On YouTube

Types of Computer keyboard

Although there are many different types and variations of computer keyboards, the core elements are the same in all of them.

The most popular kinds are:

  1. Improved keyboard with 101 or 102 keys (this is a popular type of keyboard now used almost in all system units)
  2. Keyboard with 104 keys

For the English language keyboard, the QWERTY (takes its name from the first six letters of the typing keys) keyboard layout is commonly used.