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Beth Rigby Bio/Wiki, Age, Married, Husband, Children, Net Worth

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Most notably, political editor for Sky News Beth Rigby is known for posing questions to politicians that the general public wants to be answer

Most notably, political editor for Sky News Beth Rigby is known for posing questions to politicians that the general public wants to be answered. Beth is nimble, humorous, and adept at juggling several subjects.

Beth Rigby ImageAt the age of 22, Beth began her career as a newspaper journalist for The Times and The Financial Times. For Beth to enter the field of political journalism, she had to climb the ladder and complete a protracted apprenticeship. She has been a political journalist for more than ten years and has spoken with the most prominent figures in British politics as well as covered numerous breaking exclusive stories.

Beth Rigby Family, Parents & Siblings

Beth Rigby was born in Essex, England, on February 19, 1976, but her parents brought her up in Buckinghamshire. While her mother Edith was a headteacher, Beth’s father, Mike, was a businessman. Lung cancer took Beth’s mother’s life at the age of 62.

Regarding Beth’s siblings, she had an elder brother by the name of Alex. But in August 2016, at the age of 42, her older brother also passed away from thymic carcinoma, a rare kind of cancer. Beth enjoys a close relationship with her family, and she frequently takes her children to visit her father in Norfolk. Her father attended Lancastrian Grammar School before receiving a scholarship and enrolling at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge. READ ALSO: Amanda Reifer Artist, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend

Who Is Beth Rigby’s Husband?

The political editor for Sky News, Beth Rigby, is married to Angelo Acanfora. At a northern soul night, Beth and her partner first connected. Additionally, Angelo is 18 years Beth’s senior. Details on her marriage and wedding, however, are incredibly vague.

Angelo worked as a graphic designer. He was a freelancer who wasn’t very passionate about his profession. So, when Beth asked Angelo if he couldn’t work and take care of the kids, Angelo said yes. He subsequently made the decision to continue parenting by staying at home.

Beth said that she considers herself fortunate that her husband Angelo is a stay-at-home father and that he is the only reason she is able to carry out her job when the Guardian asked her how she balances her family and career.

Beth Rigby Children

Son and daughter are the products of Beth Rigby and her spouse Angelo. Buzz was born to the couple on July 16, 2009. On April 17, 2012, a baby girl named Edith entered their lives. North London is currently home to Beth Rigby, her husband, and her two children. Additionally, Beth and her children love cats and kittens and now have three of them living with them.

Beth Rigby Salary, Net Worth

Beth Rigby has years of experience as a financial writer and has completed the NJTJ journalist training program. She worked for the Financial Times as a deputy political editor before being elevated to retail correspondent and consumer sector editor.

She joined Sky News in 2016 and works as a political editor from Westminster, where she covers the most recent news and opinion. Therefore, Beth receives a hefty income thanks to her nearly ten years of expertise covering politics and her current position as Sky News’ political editor. She is similarly worth millions of dollars. Her actual net worth is still being assessed, though.

Quick Facts About Beth Rigby

  • Elizabeth Frances Rigby is her legal name at birth.
  • Beth competed in dancing and debating while she was a student at Beaconsfield High School.
  • Beth attended Cambridge University to study social and political science. She earned a first-class degree from Cambridge University in 1997.
  • The Centre for Latin American Studies at the University of London then awarded Beth an MA in Latin American Studies, Economics, and Development Studies.
  • Beth Rigby is of white origin and has British nationality.
  • It is believed that Beth Rigby is approximately 5 feet, and 9 inches tall.