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Ali Saleh Royal Family, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Ferran, Andrea, Wife

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Before coming to live in the United States at the age of three, Ali Saleh was a native of Lebanon. He goes by 4K PAPI on social media and is Andrea Saleh's spouse

Who is Ali Saleh?- Biography

Before coming to live in the United States at the age of three, Ali Saleh was a native of Lebanon. He goes by 4K PAPI on social media and is Andrea Saleh’s spouse. Ali, Andreas’s lover an immigrant from Colombia, brought Ferran Up to the United States.

Ali Saleh Age

How old is Ali Saleh? In 2024, Ali will turn 45 years old on 25th November. Saleh was born in Lebanon on November 25, 1977.

Ali Saleh Education

Ali has not revealed any information on the college or university he attended. This date is being examined right now and we assure you that you keep visiting this page we will update this information once e receive the data from reliable sources.

Ali Saleh Height|Weight

Saleh is typically 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 70 Kilograms.

What ethnicity is Ali Saleh?

Before coming to live in the United States at the age of three, Saleh was a native of Lebanon

How did Andrea And Ali Saleh meet?

Saleh goes by 4K PAPI on social media and is Andreas’ spouse, Ali, Andreas’ Lover from Lebanon, and Andrea an immigrant from Colombia brought Ferran up in the United States.

Ali Saleh didn’t expect to see a woman so stunning that he would fall in love with the moment he walked into a local gym to work out.

He admits, “I don’t know how to dance, but I saw Andrea (Espada) standing outside a Zumba class and I knew I had to talk to her.”

Is Ali Saleh the father of Ferran

How many siblings does Ferran have? Ferran’s parents, Ali and Andrea are proud parents of three children; Ferran, Milan, and Blu Amal. They are majorly known for uploading comedic sketches, vlogs, challenges, and other relevant stuff.

Is Andrea the real Mom of Ferran?

Born in Colombia on July 26, 2010, Ferran Espada also known as Ferran the Fashion King, and raised in Colombia. Ferran and his mother Andrea Espada moved to the United States when he was three years old. He is a rising Colombian YouTuber and social media celebrity.

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Ali Saleh Baby

Saleh and and his wife, Andrea Espada welcomed their newborn baby girl named Blu Amal on 10th January 2023.

Ali Saleh, The Royalty Family Image
Ali Saleh, The Royalty Family Image

What does Ali Saleh do for a Living? Career

One of the most well-known Youtube web groups, The Royal Family has amassed a sizeable fan base since its Launch. Andrea Espada and his spouse Alis Saleh together with their their children Ferran, Milan, and Blu Amal make up this family of Five. Andrea happens to be an established television personality before the Launch of their channel UFC Now. The couple exchanged their vows in November 2021. By coincidence, Ferran is the son of Andrea Espada from her first marriage to Pierre Lepine. Learn about the members of the Royal Family, their names, Houses, and net worth here.

On April 13, 2017, this family of Five started a YouTube channel. The Royal Family has amassed a sizeable YouTube fan base since then. They have almost 18 million subscribers to their Youtube account, and they have published 647 videos to the platform thus far.

Saleh’s family have family-friendly, comedic sketches, fashion vlogs, enjoyable, and much more on YouTube. They received enormous affection from the audience for their very first YouTube video. Each of their videos has received at least 4.7 billion views cumulatively.

Based in Los Angeles, California, The Royal family is a devout Christian family that was established in the United States. Princesa and Gucci, two amazing companion dogs are also part of the family. The everyday living vlogs, challenges and family life posted on the Royal Family YouTube channel are a great source of entertainment and engagement for their viewers.

What is Ali Saleh’s Net Worth?

Saleh has an estimated net worth of $1 Million -$20 Million